• Sleep is the new imperative

    There is no lack of evidence that sleep is an essential requirement for a person’s physical and mental health. And if your organization is seeking to drive performance and the wellbeing of your population, good sleep is imperative. Spndle can help you attain this objective.


    Whether you are educational institution, public-service or high-reliability organization, we have practical experience, extensive knowledge, innovative programing, and deep expertise to help you understand your organization’s sleep culture and challenges. Then, together we will create a blueprint to implement Sleep-as-a-Strategy for personal and organizational success and wellbeing.

  • And we're on a mission

    Creating a culture that recognizes good sleep is fundamental to the success of an individual and an organization.

  • Some inescapable facts

    Organizations are simply not immune to the problems of sleep

    $80M is estimated

    To be the cost impact for sleep deprived workers per average Fortune 500 company

    38% of people

    Un-intentionally fall asleep during the day (including work or school settings)

    The largest disasters

    In the world point to sleep (deprivation) as the key factor for failure at Three Mile Island, Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl and Challenger

  • Tailored sleep solutions for your enterprise

    We take an evidence-based, practical approach to creating actionable solutions

    Step 1 - Discovery

    Conducting a Landscape Analysis

    Working within your organization, we will meet with key stake holders to analyze programs, policies, environmental influences, and relevant current data to discover factors contributing to or impeding healthy sleep.

    Step 2 - Develop

    Creating Actionable Opportunities

    Based on Discovery and our expertise in sleep research, education, programs and policies, and our love for innovation, we will develop sleep opportunities based on behavior change theory and population health programing.

    Step 3 - Blueprint

    Prioritizing and Strategic Direction

    Collectively we will prioritize and create a strategic Blueprint that aligns with your organizations strengths and opportunities to implement a successful sleep strategy solution.

    Step 4 - Implement

    Driving Behavior Change

    Utilizing optimal communication and programing channels we will begin to drive behavior change through implementing sleep programing according to your Blueprint for success.

  • Birdie J. Cunningham, MA, President & Founder

    Birdie is a social-entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in public health developing and implementing multi-faceted programs, interventions and outreach for health and wellness, with a concentration on sleep research and behavior change. In addition to starting Spndle, she is currently the Associate Director of Health Promotion, at the Center for Well-Being at the University of St. Thomas, and past Director of Operations & Programming for the Center for College Sleep. She is past president of the North Central College Health Association and in 2017 received the Ruth E. Boynton Award for Distinguished Service to the American College Health Association. Birdie has otherwise been helping organizations with population sleep strategies for over a decade.

    Robin Lloyd, MD, Advisor

    Dr. Lloyd is an assistant professor at Mayo Clinic. She received her medical degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine and completed a Pediatric residency at the University of Arizona. After several years of clinical practice, she completed a Sleep Medicine fellowship as a Mayo Foundation Scholar and holds a joint appointment in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and participated in many Academy activities including the Scoring Manual Editorial Board, Pediatric OSA Quality Outcomes Measures Task Force and Expert Panel on Pediatric Sleep duration. Special interests include caring for children and young adults with sleep disorders.

    J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD, Advisor

    Roxanne is a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and past Scientific Director for Center for College Sleep. An award-winning researcher, speaker, and author, Dr. Prichard has spent the last fifteen years studying sleep. Her research has been summarized in a variety of national media outlets including TIME, US News and World Report, PBS News Hour, Huffington Post, ABC News, The New York Times and USA Today, among others.

    Caitlin Kelly, MBA, Advisor

    Caitlin is an Analytics Director at Health Catalyst responsible for a team of Analytics Engineers driving sustainable outcome improvements through data and analytics. Her team provides healthcare leaders with data-driven insights to help healthcare leaders address the Quadruple Aim. Prior that, Caitlin began conducted studies at the University of St. Thomas investigating the impact of energy drinks on college student sleep behaviors, assisted in the development of the College Student Sleep Questionnaire and was a member of the Health Promotion Team within the university's Wellness Center. In 2020, Caitlin was a recipient of the 2020 Women's Health Leadership TRUST Award in Innovation and Technology.

    What's In A Name?

    Sleep "spindles" are sudden bursts of oscillatory brain activity generated in the reticular nucleus of the thalamus that occur during stage 2 of light sleep. ... Fast spindles (13–15 Hz) occur in the centroparietal part of the brain, while the frontal brain produces slow (11–13 Hz). Simple put... we liked the word Spndle because it's a blend of the science and vibe we love - pun intended. 

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